Hello Team,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. After getting another bunch of
responses to a good meeting time (thanks to those who sent me
messages), we've decided to shoot for Weds night at 730pm. If you
can't come, sorry, but this seems to fit the majority of the  
population - better than our Mon/Tues options.

Plans are to discuss the following:

+Front suspension team
    We want updates on your jig model, and what you will need for
materials to build it. This means you may have to meet before weds to  
go over this. Feel free to email Dom or myself with questions.

+SAE Membership/race info updates:
    For those who have registered for SAE membership, bring your
membership number/card. For those who haven't, but want to be a part
of the races, please register at SAE for a student membership.

+Driver certification

+Shop Cleanup. I have the date written down (As should Mr. Mike Safety  
Strand) about an upcoming "lab" inspection. We need to make the shop  
"pretty", so weds after we discuss the previously mentioned topics,  
it'd be nice to have a few extra hands around to help move some  
things, sort some parts, etc etc.

+SAE (baja+aero) social...?

Sorry for the lengthy message. Email me with questions, ideas, etc etc.

Thanks for playing,



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Happy Racing

UVM SAE Mini Baja 2008-2009
nothin' mini about it