DAC - I thought I'd forward this along so that you knew that the  
vendor space on the 1st floor was being assigned to UVMTv.  Allen and  
I want to thank you for all your perspectives throughout this decision.

On another note, I am looking to schedule a DAC meeting immediately  
after Spring Break.  Are there issues or questions you have that we  
need to add to the agenda.



Begin forwarded message:

> From: Allen Josey <[log in to unmask]>
> Date: February 18, 2009 3:34:34 PM EST
> To: Gregory Schondelmeier <[log in to unmask]>
> Cc: Chris Evans <[log in to unmask]>, "Brian K. Haas"  
> <[log in to unmask]>, Terry Robbins <[log in to unmask]>, Pat  
> Brown <[log in to unmask]>, Allen Josey <[log in to unmask]>,  
> Patty Eldred <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: UVMtv in Davis Center
> Greg,
> I am happy to let you know that the tenant space here in the Davis  
> Center has been awarded to UVMtv.  Attached you will find an MOU  
> outlining some basic expectations of UVMtv occupying this space.  I  
> ask that you read this over and let me know if there are any  
> questions or concerns that you may have about the expectations of  
> being a tenant of the Davis Center.  Modifications can be made if  
> needed, but this should capture most all of the issues and  
> expectations that will be placed on UVMtv.  If this document is  
> acceptable as is, I ask that you get the appropriate signatures  
> listed on the last page and then provide a copy to me.
> I have copied Brian Haas who works here at UVM in the Facilities,  
> Design & Construction Department.  Brian was at the info meeting  
> you attended last semester and is the designated contact person/ 
> engineer for all your fit up and occupancy issues.  Access to  
> operate in this location will not be granted until he has verified  
> that things are OK with regard to any permitting and documentation  
> issues.  His department is an income/expense unit and so there will  
> likely be charges for his time and assistance.  This is outlined in  
> the MOU but I want to be sure you are aware of these costs so you  
> should discuss this with him.  Brian has been made aware that UVMtv  
> is on a very tight budget so I think it will be important for and  
> Chris Evans, your adviser, to coordinate a time to review the  
> process from here.  I would like to attend this initial meeting so  
> please let me know when you have this arranged.
> If there are issues you want to discuss with me in advance or  
> anytime during the process, do not hesitate to be in touch.
> Congratulations on sticking with all the steps, hoops and, hurdles  
> you had to go through.  It is a good learning experience and one  
> that may serve you well in the future. I look forward to seeing  
> your progress over the rest of the semester and seeing the station  
> up and running soon.
> Allen
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