/Priority registration is a service, not an entitlement, provided to 
ACCESS students who are currently engaging in contacts with our office 
and eligible for priority registration./

*If you expect to have Priority Registration, please _go online 
Wednesday,  April 8th_, to check if your registration date is set for 
April 13th.  */**/
If you believe you are eligible for priority registration, but *do not* 
have a registration date of April 13th listed on the registration page 
when you check, _contact your specialist ASAP via email_ - /please do 
not call the front desk of ACCESS about this as they will simply refer 
you to email your Specialist./

_*To check your registration date and status: *_

    * Go to the following link: 
            /(paste in your browser)/
    * Type in your _"User ID" _and _"Password"_
    * Click the _"LOGIN"_ button
    * /You are now at the Main Menu/
    * Click _"Registration"_ /(your first option on the list)/
    * /You are now at the Registration Page/
    * Click on _"Check Your Registration Status"_ /(the last option in
      the list)/
    * /You are now at the Select Term Page/
    * Select _"Fall 2009"_
    * Click Submit
    * /Y//ou are now on the Check Your Registration Status Page/

If you do not know your User ID and/or password, or are having difficult 
navigating through this process to determine your Registration Status, 
get in touch with the Registrar's Office.

    * This page displays your registration time slot, as well as various
      items which may affect your registration:  holds, academic
      standing, student status, class standing etc.     *If you have ANY
      holds, contact the registrar's office. _ACCESS CANNOT RELEASE

    * If you have received Priority Registration, you will have two
      dates listed.  As long as April 13th is listed, you will be able
      to register on the 13th.

ACCESS - Academic Support Programs
The University of Vermont
A170 Living/Learning Center, 633 Main St, Burlington, VT 05405
Phone: 802.656.7753 Fax: 802.656.0739 

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