Hey guys,

I know this is last minute, but tomorrow (saturday the 5th) uvm is hosting
the annual tasc competion and have asked us to be there.  We already brought
the car up and I need some people to come up and just hang out.  You don't
have to be there the whole time, but if you can come for a couple of hours
that would be great.  The comp runs from 8am to 2pm.  I will probably be
there all day, but i would like to see at least a couple of you there in the
morning and a couple of u there in the after noon.  If you don't have a baja
shirt to wear for tomorrow let me know and i'll grab one.

So far this week we managed to know of the kill switches and throttle cable.

I'm hoping that we might be able to do another weekend gas tank session of
Owen is up for it.

Finally don't forget to send me your info and pic for the website or else
you will end up like Elliott with a nice new mustache, granted he got his
because he was a smart as, but that is besides the point.

Have a good one


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Happy Racing

UVM SAE Mini Baja 2009-2010
nothin' mini about it