Browns River Middle School (Jericho) and Camels Hump Middle School (Richmond) use CMP2 5th-8th grade (the sixth grade books are divided between 5th and 6th).  The Algebra class is taught through a traditional textbook.  We do find that we need to supplement books to meet ALL grade level GE's, but we prioritize.  I  believe that the CMP2 homework questions are very similar to NECAP. 
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Mount Anthony Union Middle School is using Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley (1999). I have only been teaching for a few years, so am slowly learning to introduce/ supplement heavily with CMP2 (some units) in 7th and 8th. In my humble and limited experience I find CMP2 to be the most challenging, but with the highest expectancy for UNDERSTANDING. It needs supplementation with skill building. Others can speak more directly to this. In the recent OGAP training there were several teachers in Vermont who have been using CMP2.


If ANYONE out there knows of a CMP2 training that will happen this spring or summer, please advise. I definitely would benefit from more training and experience, and support from those with more experience.



Helen Fields


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Middlebury Union Middle School is using CMP 2.

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Randolph Union's middle level math instructors are wondering what others in Vermont are using for acurriculum and/or text series.  They're looking for a standards-based gr. 6 - 8 program to prepare students for NECAPS and other assessments, and for the high school experience.  The high school uses Math Connections and the Discovering... series and has a full slate of AP courses(both levels of calculus and statistics).

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