FINAL EXAMS to be taken at the Exam Proctoring Center (EPC) this 
semester must be scheduled *_a minimum of two  weeks_* in advance of the 
test date.

For example, for exams starting on _May 5th, you MUST schedule your 
exams no later  April 21st_. /   As you know, we have limited space, so 
please sign up now for all your classes. /

Please be sure to coordinate details concerning the exam with your 
     (1) how is the exam getting to the EPC
     (2) how the exam is getting returned to the professor.

  It would be helpful if all exams were received  by the Exam Proctoring 
Center at least two days in advance,  unless the student is personally 
delivering the exam.

/As a reminder, if you arrive late to take your exam, we may not be able 
to accommodate your full time!  Please be prepared and on time!/

Thank you in advance for helping to make this semester's final exam 
season a smooth one.