For those of you who weren't at the meeting tonight, we decided that  
we will be leaving on Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday afternoon  
as originally planned.  When we originally decided to leave on  
Tuesday, I was under the impression that tech inspection was on  
Thursday, and I wanted to get there early to have plenty of time for  
it.  After looking at the schedule, I found out the tech inspection is  
actually on Friday, and Thursday is only check in and engine check,  
which, according to Dom, will not take long.  So right now we are  
planning on leaving at 8AM on Wednesday, driving until Wednesday  
night, stopping to sleep for a little bit, then driving the rest of  
the way to get to South Carolina by noon or so on Thursday.  We will  
have until 5PM to do the check in and engine check.  I don't see a big  
difference in this and the old plan because we would have ended up  
sleeping in the van Wednesday night either way, so I don't think that  
it should be a problem for anyone.

So here's when you need to know:
4:00 PM Tuesday  Be at the shop to help load the trailer.
8:00 AM Wednesday    We will leave here.
12:00 PM Thursday   Get to SC around this time, do check in and engine check.
Friday   Tech inspection, design review, braking test, practice course
Saturday    Acceleration, maneuverability, suspension, and pull events.
Sunday    Endurance race
Monday   Leave SC around 8AM.
Tuesday   Get back to VT around noon.

If anyone has any questions let me know.



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