Here is a quick reminder of what we talked about tonight at the meeting 
and what everyone is working on this week.

We will be having a meeting next week for new members.  Right now we are 
planning on it being next Thursday 9/9 at 7 PM.  Elliott is going to 
reserve a room for the meeting and Phil is making fliers to post 
around.  We also need ideas for anywhere else we can take the car to get 
new members.  Elliott is looking into the activities fair at the Davis 
Center.  If anyone has any other ideas let me know.

The trailer was never unloaded after the Rochester race.  We are going 
to unload it this Thursday.  We are going to meet in the shop around 
2:45 PM to unload everything.

We also need to work on sponsorship.  Elliott is going to write a new 
sponsorship letter.  If anyone has any ideas for sponsors let me or Mike 

We will be going back to our usual meeting schedule next Monday at 7PM.  
Everyone should be there because we are going to start designing this 
year's car.



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