Hello and Welcome to the Uvm Mini Baja ListServe.  Those of you who  
are currently on the team can delete this message now.  However, those  
of you that signed up at the activities fair last Wednesday and would  
still like more information on the team I urge you to continue  
reading.  We will be holding a prospective members meeting this  
Thursday, September 23rd at 7 pm in Votey 207.  It will be a short, no  
more then 30 minutes, informative session full of multimedia  
presentations.  We will hopefully provide you with answers to all of  
your questions about the team.  If you have any questions about the  
meeting, team, or the Mini Baja competition in general please feel  
free to email me anytime.

Yours in Dirty Off-Road Racing,
Mike Strand
UVM Mini Baja Sponsorship Coordinator


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Happy Racing

UVM SAE Mini Baja 2009-2010
nothin' mini about it