T^3 has just given me the opportunity to "apply to sponsor" a three day (6 hours a day) summer workshop for teachers on the TI-Nspire.  Two types of workshops will be offered this summer.  One type is for beginners and could be any one of these five choices; Middle School Math, Algebra, High School Math, Connecting Science and Math or High School Science.  The other is for intermediate users of Nspire and could be either Algebra or High School Math.  In the past I have not applied for a summer workshop as TI wanted a site with three computer labs and wanted three classes of 25 teachers at each site. I thought that might be impossible for VT!  This year they are wanting to offer smaller workshops (20 teachers)at more locations.  They will offer more than one type of workshop per location if teachers want more than one.  Consequently, VT might have a shot at getting a site this summer. 

Each course will cost $350. Each enrollment includes a TI-Nspire handheld and Teacher Software. The participant will also receive a binder of materials and a certificate of completion.

I am sending this out on the mathnets just to see if there is any interest in VT.  If you think that you (or your school) might be interested, please let me know asap.  I have only a couple of weeks to submit an application.  And, of course, we might not get accepted as a site even if I apply.

Do not reply to the mathnet.  Send me an e-mail at [log in to unmask] if you are interested.  Thanks.  Jean McKenny