I just wanted wanted to update everyone on our progress and discuss a 
few things before everyone leaves for break.

First I want to thank everyone that came in to the shop over the last 
two weeks to work on the frame.  I know everyone was busy with exams and 
all but we still had a good turnout.  For those of you that haven't been 
around in the last day or two, the frame is mostly complete from the 
firewall forward, and many of the pieces for the back are notched and 
ready to go.  I was especially happy to see how many non-seniors were 
helping out and getting some experience.  With the amount of effort I 
saw all of you putting in, I am very confident in the team and its 
leadership for the future.

Second, please take a look at the list Sam sent out a few days ago of 
things we will need to do next semester.  If there is something on there 
that you want to do or have ideas for, let me know.  If there is 
something that you want to do but don't know how, let us know and we 
will teach you.  It is important that we get these tasks divided up and 
started as soon as possible.  April will be here before you know it.

I have some good news regarding sponsorship.  Today we received a $2600 
donation from a UVM alumni and his company.  This amount makes up a good 
portion of our budget and will be a great help financially.

Finally, I will be in the shop tomorrow morning finishing up some things 
on the frame before I leave town.  I should be there from 8:30 until 
around 11, so if you have some time stop by.  If I don't see you 
tomorrow, have a good break.



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