hello all.
update to those unknowing: IT"S LONG, BUT AT LEAST SKIM IT.

Since the last email, much progress has been made on the frame fabrication.
We have tacked the whole main hoop, as well as the roll bars and the
horizontal hoop that defines the "passenger area." Tomorrow, we will be in
the shop to continue on the frame fab - starting with the bottom members up
front that the suspension mounts to.

So far, the layout has gone almost flawlessly. It has been quite the
learning experience.

With that, it is understandable that this time of the semester is very busy,
but it is also important to keep in mind the how you want to be a part of
this team. I want to thank the members who have stopped in and helped out
thus far in the fab, and encourage the remainder of you to try your best to
get into the shop before you leave for break and make your contribution; in
what ever way possible.

There are many tasks that we need to start tackling in conjunction with the
completion of the basic frame in order to complete the car in a timely
manner. Rob has begun a list of such tasks and it would be nice to get
started on these ASAP (most likely directly after break). A lot of these
tasks are minor and are a good way to begin your involvement.

The list thus far; if anything sounds interesting to you, then perhaps
you're the one to take it on.

   - Body Panels - pick material, create templates, cut
   - Firewall - create template, material (aluminum), cut later?
   - Floor - create template, cut (plastic)
   - Spill Protection - cut (plastic)
   - Brake Light - pick new light to buy, design new mounting, possible new
   location on car
   - New Headrest - research regulations, find material and buy, make it
   - Quick Release Gas Tanks - DESIGN, pick material
   - Numbers - check which ones we have, think of new mounting system and
   make (material?)
   - Flotation (reuse old piece?) and fenders - design fenders and make
   - New wheels/tires (sponsor?)
   - Check Dates on Safety Equipment
   - Call Gates to check on parts-Mike is supposed to be doing this
   - Get bearings from Timken-Owen is supposed to do this
   - Rear Suspension Design-Elliott said he would do this

As you can see, there is A LOT involved in completing this car on time. Get
excited, we are well on our way despite the long list that is only partial.

Thanks for your time, good luck on finals (I'm done, haha), and see you in
the shop.

Sam Flinkström


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