As you know, Priority Registration will be different this year.

To know which date/time you will register, please check the schedule below.


Date                    Time            Type of Registration

Mon, April 4        7:00 AM             FIRST DAY
Tues, April 5       6:30 AM             SR IN-CLASS Priority Registration
Wed, April 6       6:30 AM            JR IN-CLASS Priority Registration
Thur, April 7        6:30 AM            SOPH IN-CLASS Priority Registration
Fri, April 8           6:30 AM            FY IN-CLASS Priority Registration

If you have IN-CLASS Priority Registration, be sure to register at
6:30 on the day of your class standing in order to be afforded the
priority status.

If you have questions, please contact your Specialist in ACCESS.

Attached is the announcement for FinCEN's unpaid intern program.

It can also be found on the FinCEN website at


2011 John Hudson Internship Program is Accepting Applications

The John Hudson Internship Program, a program providing summer internship opportunities for college students and recent graduates with disabilities is currently accepting applications.

The application deadline is April 15, 2011.   There are five internship positions available.

*    Emergency Management Intern:   <>

*    Accounting Intern:    <>

*    Interpretative Aide Intern:   <>

*    Policy Research and Implementation Intern:  <>

*    Therapeutic Recreation Intern:   <>

To learn more about the John Hudson Internship Program, check out our  FAQs <> .

To apply to be a John Hudson intern, download the application  <> .

For more information, email Jill Clark at [log in to unmask]  or call 703-324-5874, TTY 703-449-118


Dear UVM Students,

     My name is William Vitagliano and I would like to be your SGA 
Vice President. My previous leadership positions over the past 3 years 
have given me the tools I need to do an effective job in the position. 
Unlike candidates in previous years I focus my platform on what the 
students want. Rather than come forward with empty promises and ideas 
that can?t be followed through, I want to get YOUR input. I want your 
ideas, comments, questions, and concerns and use that as part of my 
platform to hit the ground running if I get elected and start working on
 what the students want. As a member of the ACCESS community I can 
relate to many students that use the center. I want you to know that 
your voice may not always be heard on an administrative student level, 
but I feel that with working with the office and appreciating all they 
have done for us, that it is important to be present in the inner 
workings of the University and make a difference. As Vice President I 
will continue to work for equity and promote education in the realm of 
the ACCESS community. I currently sit on the President?s Commission for 
LGBT Equity, and as a member I helped evaluate the LGBTQA Center and 
worked to make recommendations to President Fogel on how the needs of 
students aren?t exactly  being met from the center, and looking at ways 
to better the center so it can be more utilized by students, in the same
 respect I hope to work with the ACCESS office to make sure that all 
students have a voice in the workings of the university, and that I will
 take my knowlege of the ACCESS office and use it to express ideas and 
concerns on your behalf. Over the past year I have worked with the 
Director of ACCESS Laurel Cameron in regards to voicing concerns of 
students in ACCESS to the SGA to review policies that would benefit 
differently-abled students on and off campus. Further work with the 
ACCESS office I would hope to educate students about the resources that 
are available to them, and I want you to feel that you are truely a part
 of this amazing university and being an active voice.

I look forward to working for all of you in the near future and I 
remind you to vote for me, William Vitagliano for Vice President and 
Julian Golfarini for President, together we will work for the ACCESS 
office to make sure we are no longer considered a marginalized group, 
but to be leaders in the community and promoting affirmation and 
inclusiveness to all in the University of Vermont community.

Elections will take place this Wednesday and Thursday March 23rd and 24th on the lynx. Please login then at
 where you will be prompted to login and use the banner at the top of 
the page to vote, and remember Will Vitagliano and Julian Golfarini want
 to work for YOU!


William B. Vitagliano

Vice Chair, Committee on Diversity, Equity and Environmental Ethics

Student Government Association

University of Vermont

President's Commission on LGBT Equity,


Center for Student Ethics and Standards

Academic Integrity Councilman

70 University Heights

South 2 Box 444

Burlington, VT 05405

Ph# (802) 236-0720

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