Good Evening,

I'm sending this email to invite everyone to come to Votey tomorrow and help get the car completed for the race next Wednesday.

There are still small tasks that need completing and ALL of your hands are necessary to do this.

Today we finished the rear A & I-arms and are in the final stages of mounting the retro-fitted drive system, all we need to do is align it and manufacture some tabs to weld onto the frame.

This is the main task... However, there are enough things still to be done to warrant this email.

-- Gas tank holder needs completing
--numbers need to be mounted (and a mounting system needs designing)
--UVM lettering needs to be mounted
--front dash needs completing/mounting
--brake reservoirs need mountings
--rear suspension needs painting
--steering rack cover needs to be made/designed
--CVT cover needs retrofitting (welding)
--flotation needs to be fit and mounted
--brakes need bleeding

As you can see there are a lot of things to be done and we are on a TIGHT deadline. Please make a valiant (that means worthy/conscious)
effort to come help out.

I thank those of you who showed up to the meeting on Monday, and hope to see all of you in the shop tomorrow. No task will be denied to you if you want it so don't be shy - we are real nice people (inside).

If tomorrow doesn't work for you, we will be in the shop on Saturday and probably Sunday as well.

Thanks for reading!
Sam Flinkström


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Happy Racing

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