As you all know...what a difference a few days, weeks and months have made on the lake level.

As of midday today at the King Street Ferry Dock we were at 96.02 feet, more than 7 feet below our peak level of 103.20 feet on May 6th. Our lowest point in 2011 was 95.70 feet on March 5th.

Thus we've seen the lake jump 7.5 feet from March 5th to May 6th then drop 7.18 feet from May 6th to August 3rd...AMAZING!!!

So, looking back at our database (Special thanks to Jason Neilson here at NWS BTV), here are our top yearly lake level differentials (Low to High)

1)        8.21 feet  in 1933

2)        7.77 feet  in 1939

3)        7.70 feet  in 1913

4)        7.66 feet  in 1909

5)        7.58 feet  in 1936

6)  7.50 feet  in 2011*

In order to add to this figure for 2011, the lake level must fall below 95.70 feet.

Historically, the lake level recedes another foot between NOW and mid-Autumn, so there's a good possibility as long as we don't see above normal rainfall.

Enjoy and any questions on this data, please check with Jason - [log in to unmask] or myself.

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