Good Morning everybody,

It seems every year we go through the same problem of having cheap,
scratched and missing safety glasses in the shop. And every year we talk
about purchasing our own so as to eliminate the need to share with not AERO
members, but also with the other students who use the machine shop. Well,
this year we are going to do something about it.

The following link is to a online safety equipment store where you will find
a plethora of different safety glasses.


Your task, if you so desire and it is much encouraged, is to choose a pair
that you want to purchase for your own use in the shop.
Send me an email with the following format with the subject line: *baja

Name:* your name
*product name:* from website
*link:* link to page
*specifications:* size, color, etc


I will purchase the glasses on the team card next week and when they arrive
we will etch your name in them so they are well marked.
This is not a club purchase and if you decide to participate you will be
responsible for reimbursing the cost of your glasses plus a fraction of the
shipping cost.

There are glasses for all budgets so check it out!

See you in Votey,
Sam Flinkström


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