Please spread the word and let folks know they are invited to:

Title: Tenants 19 Roosevelt&  Highpoint Mtg

Monday, January 23, 2012

Time: 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm (EST5EDT)

Location: Procurement Conf. Rm. Charlie, 19 Roosevelt Highway, Colchester, VT

Jim Antell III,*company financial strategies, LLC., *30 Kimball Avenue, 
Suite 203,South Burlingtonand**
John Hinckley*|*Senior Consultant,*Resource Systems Group, Inc. ,* 55 
Railroad Row | White River Junction, VT  05001

plan to host a meeting for the tenants of the Highpoint and Roosevelt 
buildings next week. The purpose of the meeting would be to:

1.Update everyone on what has been completed to date to address the odor 

2.Outline steps we are taking to initiate a solution to the problem.

3.Entertain questions and comments.

They plan to invite a representative of the Vermont Air Pollution 
Control Division (APCD), but I am not sure if that person will come as 
they do not typically attend these kinds of meetings.

Thank you,