Please spread the word and let folks know they are invited to:

Title: Tenants 19 Roosevelt & Highpoint Mtg
Monday, January 23, 2012
Time: 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm (EST5EDT)
Location: Procurement Conf. Rm. Charlie, 19 Roosevelt Highway, Colchester, VT  

Jim Antell III, company financial strategies, LLC., 30 Kimball Avenue, Suite 203,South Burlington and
John Hinckley
Senior Consultant, Resource Systems Group, Inc. , 55 Railroad Row | White River Junction, VT  05001

plan to host a meeting for the tenants of the Highpoint and Roosevelt buildings next week. The purpose of the meeting would be to:

1.    Update everyone on what has been completed to date to address the odor problem.

2.    Outline steps we are taking to initiate a solution to the problem.

3.    Entertain questions and comments.

They plan to invite a representative of the Vermont Air Pollution Control Division (APCD), but I am not sure if that person will come as they do not typically attend these kinds of meetings.

Thank you,