Recruiting new committee members for Disability Awareness Month, DAM.

The DAM committee is seeking new members. We are a group who is 
passionate about raising awareness around disability issues who also 
greatly enjoy putting on programming for this event.

If you have similar interests, here is what you would be committing to 
by joining us:

- 5 or 6 meetings 1/month from May-October.

- Your role would be to provide thought, energy and research toward 
possible events, logistics, marketing, attendance. We also work to 
ensuring the events are accessible, awareness raising, community 
building and often times FUN.

If you have thoughts/questions/concerns around being a DAM committee 
member or simply would like to volunteer to join the committee, please 
contact [log in to unmask]

Please feel free to pass this information along to others. We hope to 
have our first meeting in mid to late May.

DAM Committee

laurel cameron
ACCESS, director
A170 living/learning center
P 802-656-7753/F 802-656-0739