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Welcome to AMS News You Can Use, a service providing to AMS Members a sample
of meteorology and related field as covered recently by broad media outlets

               Beryl dumps heavy rain from Florida to Carolinas

                   The Columbus Dispatch (AP) - 05/29/2012

ATLANTA â?? Tropical Storm Beryl cut a soggy path across the southeastern
U.S. yesterday after swirling ashore in Florida at near hurricane strength.
The second named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season lashed the East
   Coast from northern Florida to southern North Carolina and created a ris

                 A different Homestead 20 years after Andrew

                     Sarasota Herald-Tribune - 05/29/2012

HOMESTEAD - The havoc wreaked by Hurricane Andrew here two decades ago still
serves as a warning about the devastation even a slow tropical storm season
                                  can bring.

       Hurricane preparedness weekNOAA urges residents to get ready now

                      Tampa Bay Newspapers - 05/29/2012

  NOAA has designed May 27-June 2 as Hurricane Preparedness Week. ?History
    teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common
                 threads among all major hurricane disasters.

               Venus 'Transit of Sun' is next amazing sky sight

                            Fox News - 05/28/2012

  Giovanni Paglioli took this image on June 8, 2004, from Centro Astronomico
  Neil Armstrong in Salerno, Italy. The transit, or passage, of Venus across
      the face of the Sun is one of natures rarest celestial phenomena.

          Trimmed budgets: A forecast of poorer weather predictions

                     Sarasota Herald-Tribune - 05/27/2012

  For most people, sophisticated weather forecasts are a click away on cell
   phones and other devices. But the technology behind those predictions is
   crumbling under the weight of budget problems, and some scientists worry
          that within three years, forecasts will be less accurate.

                150,000 more US heat deaths projected by 2100

                  - 05/27/2012

  By Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Killer heat fueled by climate
change could cause an additional 150,000 deaths this century in the biggest

   NOAA predicts a near-normal 2012 Atlantic and Eastern Pacific hurricane
                   season, below-normal in Central Pacific

                       Green Car Congress - 05/26/2012

   Conditions in the atmosphere and the ocean favor a near-normal hurricane
  season in the Atlantic Basin this season, NOAA forecasts. NOAA?s outlook
for the Eastern Pacific basin is for a near-normal hurricane season and the
       Central Pacific basin is expected to have a below-normal season.

                 Better technology key to hurricane forecasts

                         Delaware Online - 05/26/2012

MELBOURNE, Fla. ? Technological leaps promise better hurricane forecasts in
  the next few years. But aging satellites could jeopardize those gains and
               the future of storm forecasting in the long run.

    Severe and Permanent Drought Predicted for Mexico and Parts of Central

                   Hispanically Speaking News - 05/25/2012

  Click Here to Enlarge Photo According to a 2011 study, if current warming
  trends continue, Mexico and many sections of the United States as well as
   the majority of Central America could face severe and permanent drought
                          conditions in the future.

Assessing the Short-Term Effects of Heatwaves on Mortality and Morbidity in
  Brisbane, Australia: Comparison of Case-Crossover and Time Series Analyses

                            PLoS One - 05/24/2012

Background Heat-related impacts may have greater public health implications
  as climate change continues. It is important to appropriately characterize
    the relationship between heatwave and health outcomes. However, it is
  unclear whether a case-crossover design can be effectively used to assess

Hacking code of leaf vein architecture solves mysteries, allows predictions
                               of past climate

                 - 05/24/2012

       UCLA life scientists have discovered new laws that determine the
      construction of leaf vein systems as leaves grow and evolve. These
    easy-to-apply mathematical rules can now be used to better predict the
                climates of the past using the fossil record.

   US Not Losing Its Foothold In Earth Observing Satellites, Only Shifting

                            Red Orbit - 05/22/2012

  Image Caption: Image based on observations from MODIS. Credit: NASA Earth
Observatory Lee Rannals for Speculations are emerging that the

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