Hi 3-5 Math Teachers,
The following information about using the mathematical practice standards, reviewing some problem solving materials and doing lesson study came my way and may be of interest to some of you...

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This should prove to be an interesting study. I hope you will know teachers who want to participate. Kay


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On Feb 8, 2013, at 10:39 AM, Catherine Lewis wrote:

Hi Ruth and Kay

We are looking for grade 3-5 teachers and coaches to participate in study of mathematical practice standards (announcement attached, and brief summary below).  Do you know of a listserve, math newsletter, or other places where we might post it—e.g., callifornia NCTM site? I think it will be a great chance to study the mathematical practice standards with other educators.

Grateful for any help you can provide!




Mills College Lesson Study Group is recruiting grades 3-5 teachers and mathematics coaches interested in studying and bringing to life the CCSS mathematical practice standards.  This year-long project, funded by the federal Department of Education, will compare two different sets of materials–one from the U.S. and one including “teaching through problem-solving” approaches from Japan.  Participating teachers should be willing to be randomly assigned to either study condition and available for an expense-paid workshop in Chicago July 23-26, 2013, to network with other project participants from around the U.S. Further information is available at http://www.lessonresearch.net/TTP_recruitment_Phase3.pdf


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<TTP recruitment Phase 3-coaches2.docx>


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