Letter today on Champlain Parkway from Free Press article to my two City
Councilors today--


Am deeply disappointed and disturbed by Mayor Weinberger's statements
in the Free Press on the Champlain Parkway.  The comments by Local Motion
betrayed anyone who would be forced to walk or bike on the design--from end
to end--as it sits now.  The City would perform a miracle in carrying out a
project--particularly the new section--by completing a project that does no
contain an inch of quality walk/bike infrastructure, ironically the very
kind of quality infrastructure contained in the long term recommendations
for the North Avenue Corridor and short term recommendation for the cycle
track demonstration.

The new roadway and re-work of Lakeside Avenue of Pine Street assures both
serious injuries over the years ahead, but tens of thousands of gallons of
wasted gas with associated pollutants annually (including global warming
gases), delays at the "new" intersections involving an extra 3.5 minutes of
commuting time each day for workers who travel by any mode, and the
ugliness associated with signalization.

None of this is new nor are my various comments to the effect above, as
comments directly to the City beginning in 2005, late last year and early
this year use much of the data from City staff and the EIS to document
these concerns. The introduction of cycle track (there is none in the plan)
and the importance of roundabouts being used in combination with track to
attain the highest level of safety is an evolution we have all come to over
the past year in the North Avenue study processes.

We are told the only reason we must not go back important re-design (the
threat o the withdrawal of funding by AOT should not be the excuse for $40
million of poor quality infrastructure and can be dealt with as it should
be by working with the Congressional delegation to protect our City
interests) is the excuse we should not suggest changes which would require
Act 250 re-review.  The City, again, says no to those who walk and
bike--and no safety to all users and environmental benefits--because of the
dangers of an environmental review!  Certainly this is not just twisted
logic but antagonistic to the very purpose of the law, i.e., good land and
environmental practice applied to transportation projects.

It is my hope that a community based effort will be made to try to solve
this terrible situation in which the City makes an error of similar
magnitude to the Circ but a worse one since our own residents and our
economy will be the victims.

    Yours truly,

    Tony Redington

Tony Redington
Slow and Safe Multi-Laners!*

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