The decision to merge comes as a. surprise, though economic realities may
well make this the best course.  Perhaps VNRC or VPIRG...or another strong
statewide group may have been more appropriate and lead to a better

Unfortunately, Local Motion at best has a mixed record and several
important gaps on both capacity and performance other than as a recreation
path promoter and operator.  It often displays lack of expertise, almost
completely fails to address walk mode needs within the community, has
almost no transparency, no obvious goals and objectives and often adopts
questionable tactics in public policy processes.

It is important that some kind of commitment is provided by LM to address
these shortcomings and VBPC likely abdicates its responsibility to the
walk/bike community by failing to do so.  If something in this regard is
not done, monitored, and followed through, the likely outcome is more
submerger in actual form

          Tony Redington

Cc Policy Group

On Friday, April 3, 2015, Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition <
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>  Dear VBPC members,
> First, thank you for your unwavering support for the Vermont Bicycle &
> Pedestrian Coalition.  Our mission since our founding in 1994 has been to
> work tirelessly on behalf of Vermont's cyclists, walkers, and other
> vulnerable roadway users. Recent changes within the organization have
> prompted the VBPC Board of Directors to reexamine how best to advance the
> work we all care about so deeply--how to further our vision and passion for
> all cyclists and pedestrians across Vermont.
> We came to the conclusion that joining forces with Local Motion, Inc.,
> long a partner in this effort, will create a single, more effective and
> formidable statewide organization for our mutual pedestrian and cycling
> communities. Thus, in accordance with our bylaws, the board will hold a
> vote of dissolution one week from today, Friday, April 10 that will
> formalize this intent and allow the merger to go forward.
> You, our members, are key partners in this work and we therefore feel it
> crucial to give you advance notice of this decision, even though it is not
> yet public. You are the first to know of this important step in our
> history. Together we can look forward to an official public announcement
> the week of April 13.
> We are confident this change promises a bright future for biking and
> walking throughout Vermont and we very much encourage you to offer your
> invaluable support to Local Motion as this important work is carried
> forward.
> Respectfully,
> The Board of the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition:
> Grant Orenstein - President
> David Ellenbogen - Vice President
> Ned Getchell - Secretary
> Steve Hare - Treasurer
> Bruce Lierman
> Christopher Parker
> Laurie Ross

*The Intersection Safety Belt--the roundabout*


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