As a board member who has been involved in discussions over the past two years exploring this merger, I’d like provide my personal views on the final decision to merge our two organizations. 
Our principal objective, as I see it and as it has been expressed in numerous meetings,  is to give pedestrians and cyclists a unified, effective voice in the State of Vermont.
I can only disagree with the view that Local Motion has not been effective and vocal in addressing the needs of both pedestrians and cyclists. 
Their work on the North Street redevelopment project and the Safe Streets Collaborative in particular I see as effective advocacy for both pedestrians and cyclists, and in fact all transportation mode users from affected communities.  Likewise, I feel that VBPC’s experience in the state legislature will be an essential element in improving the organization’s overall effectiveness in dealing with statewide legislative issues.
Multi-modal transportation design has proven to be a complex, challenging undertaking for modern society involving infrastructure, engineering and social issues.  There are certainly no simple solutions.  
Active transportation design is also a rapidly developing field.  Ideas promoted just a few years ago have been found to be suboptimal, and we can expect that in the next decade, there are many concepts and projects we will look back on as the results of incomplete discussions of future needs.  To the extent our combined organization is able to insure that all communities and constituencies affected by our transportation and infrastructure decisions are included in the development process, we will be successful.  I believe our potential for accomplishing this mission is enhanced through this merger.

Bruce Lierman
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