VMC data is available from MesoWest.  Not sure why it's not plotting on 
the map, but they are getting the data.

Burton Island: 
Colchester Reef: 
Diamond Island: 
Mt. Mansfield (West): 
Proctor Maple Research Center: 


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On 6/30/2015 7:49 AM, Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux wrote:
> Good morning everyone
> At the State Climatologists Annual Meeting last week, we had a 
> presentation by the head of the National Mesonet Program, which 
> collects all weather data from around the US into a central repository 
> for distribution via MADIS. I asked him which data he had for VT and 
> he sent the following:
> "Presently in the state of Vermont, the National Mesonet program is 
> providing MADIS data from the following networks:
> LSCNET (via MesoWest)
> USARRAY (via MesoWest)
> VTRANS (via MesoWest)
> VTWAC (via MesoWest)
> AirNow (via Sonoma Technology)
> Weatherflow
> USARRAY is just pressure only readings.  VTRANS is RWIS.  AirNow are 
> air quality monitoring stations that take surface weather observations."
> It appears that he is missing the SCAN data from NRCS and the VMC 
> data. Please respond directly to me with the best contact person/info 
> that I could pass along to Paul, so that is statewide environmental 
> coverage is complete. If you could do so Wednesday 8 July, that would 
> be much appreciated.
> Many thanks
> Lesley-Ann