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Free Press editorial, Friday May 7, 1999: "Pretty Pictures"

The MPO mailed a Chittenden Transportation Quarterly newsletter to
residents of Chittenden County this week -- with "pretty pictures" of bike
routes, a bus with bike rack, cyclists relaxing by the lake -- highlighting
bike and public transit.  Meanwhile, as the Freep editorial reminds us
today, the reality is that the MPO allocates the pig's portion of
Chittenden County transportation  funds for highways -- $93 million is the
price tag of remaining portions of the Circ Hgwy, for example.  The Free
Press asks people to call the MPO to voice opposition to the Circ Hgwy!

Please call, and spread the word to others who are opposed to the Circ Hgwy
 boondoggle: 660- 4071.

Raspberries to Burlington which bailed out on the rural towns in the MPO by
voting against a study that would have looked at the impact of the CIRC on
the rural towns. Although the Ciry is on record as favoring further studies
of sprawl impacts, their MPO rep., Bill Keogh, is an old highway guy and he
votes his personal bias instead of representing Burlington. Or is
Burlington just talking out of both sides of it's mouth on the Circ, as
usual?  (After all, there are train stations and the S. Connector to trade
for.)  For whatever reason, Burlington sold out on the Circ. the vote would
have been 12-11 in favor of the sprawl study if Burlington had voted with
the rural towns.
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