Tony -

I think this is a wonderful idea - either from you or Anne. I did not
mean to sound negative in my last note if I did.

I would further suggest that we:

    1) identify each picture by Route number, the number of miles from a
location and direction facing.

    2) state whether this example is fairly normal for the road.

    3) try to include a ruler showing the width of the shoulder.

    4) state whether we would be willing to testify to the House
Transporation committee next Spring if it would be helpful.

I am not sure yet whether prints or slides would be better, as I do not
know what the House Hearing Rooms have available to them.

I see this as an excellent way to get the information we need for the
House Transporation committee - whether it be for a hearing or another
paving tour.

One minor caution. Last spring some of us tried to gather some of this
information - without pictures - and we obtained a lot of extra
information on non-state roads. It would be best if we attempted to
limit the information to state roads.

I would also be willing to collect the pictures if there is a need. Also
if anyone has additional data that they think necessary to collect
please say so.

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>    Anne:
>     From what you are suggesting, we should go out and find in our
> routes examples and photograph them where  the VAOT failed to pave a
> sufficiently wide shoulder where there is clearly room--is this what
you are
> suggesting?
>                                                 Tony

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