To the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition, Vermont Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and other interested bicycling and walking supporters and friends.
Here are our final plans for VB&PC Beebe Spur ride and meeting on Wednesday, July 14th..
5:00  PM  Gather at the Prouty Drive trailhead and leave trailhead no later than 5:30, sooner if possible.
Directions: From downtown Newport, Main St. is route 105.  Go Past the Grand Union.  Go straight.  Go Straight at the next set of lights onto Union St.  Drive to the end of Union St.  You'll go past the local Armory as well as the local Ambulance squad.  At the T in the road, go LEFT on Prouty Drive for about 200 yards.  Columbia Forest Products will be on your left, there's a yellow apartment building with a huge yard on the opposite corner. Look for the strip of Path on your right.  The IRS building is the next building on the RIGHT.  You'll see the bike path bollards on the road as well as some caution signs.

Directions from I91:  Exit 27 onto route 191 into Newport.  At the first intersection, take a right.  Go up the hill, corner of East Main and Sias Ave.  You'll see the Newport City Motel on one side and a Cumberland Farms on the other.  Go Straight onto Sias Ave.  Go past the Elementary school.  You'll be in a residential neighborhood.  Take a LEFT onto Prouty Drive.  You'll soon come to a yellow large apartment house with a huge yard and then the bike path is the next thing.  You can't miss it, and the IRS building is just on the other side of the path. 

 We will meet at the IRS building and PARK at the next building in.  The Rec. Path Committee has a wonderfully proactive parking agreement with the IRS that allows bikers to use the lot after 6:00 and they don't want to jeopardize that.   

We will be greeted by Laura Dolgin and perhaps Gary Leavens who are two of the primary movers behind this project.  They will ride with us and explain the history, technical details, etc. 
With respect to eating please bring your own food for a picnic type meal.  We will likely stop along the bike path to eat and conduct our business at the same time.  The alternative will be to eat in the parking lot when we return.  We will decide this before leaving.  This will save time and get you back home much sooner than going to a restaurant or traveling to another meeting location. 
If there are just showers the trip is a go.  If it is a constant rain we will postpone to Thursday the 15th.  I will email early that day to let you know if there is a postponement.
Out business agenda is below.  Disregard the times but we will be back at the trail head no later than 8:00 PM.  I will likely forgo most of the reports and focus the entire discussion on how we are doing as an organization and where we are going from here now that we have nearly completed our first major project.
Please confirm if you will be attending and expected time of arrival so that we feel confident that we have a enough people to make it worthwile and will know when we can depart.  If you should arrive after we have departed we will be traveling at a moderate speed and you can easily catch up.
Please spread the word to other bicycling and walking activists.   Feel free to bring family and friends as it will be a fun trip.  While we are meeting they can be doing some extra miles on the path.
For more information about the Beebe Spur see their outstanding website which is attached as a file.
I look forward to riding with you on the Beebe Spur.  Have a great July 4th weekend.


Wednesday, July 14, 5:00 PM

Beebe Spur, Derby, Vermont


Item-Responsible Time Outcomes

Notes from Previous Meeting-George 7:00 Approval

Chair’s Report 7:05 Hear update from George

Old Business

Fact Sheet-George 7:10 View layout from Laura and comment

Legislation-David Jacobowitz 7:20 Report

Town Contacts-Bunky 7:25 Report

Report on Road Paving Tour-Richard Good 7:30 Report

Other Old Business

New Business-

Update from Bike/Ped Coordinator-Amy 7:30 Amy will not be there but hopefully will

submit a brief written email report.

10 Best/Worst Idea-Bud Haas 7:35 Discussion and decision.

How are we doing as an organization? 7:40 Discussion and plans for future action.

Other New Business 7:40  

Next Meeting 7:55 Set date, place and agenda for next meeting. 

Adjourn 8:00 





Please confirm with George Plumb if you will be attending.