Hi all,

After organizing the Safety Civilians demo last week calling for safe
roadways, I was hit last night coming home from the Airport.  My first
crash in Vermont, after five years of daily cycling.  Go figure.  A
nineteen year-old from Enosburg pulled out from the Cinema 9 on
Williston Road and put me on his hood.  Fortunately, it was a slow
collision, busting only my headlight and my break cable (in other words,
I am fine).  The teenager was upset that I seemed intent on calling the
cops.  He offered me money if I pretended that it didn't happen.  Of
course the cop questioned if my light had been working at the time and
told me Williston Road was a dangerous place to ride.  Hmmph.

Shay Totten from Vermont Times is interested in doing a story next week
to follow up on the Safety Civilians' actions.  Let me know if you have
a story to share and wouldn't mind being interviewed.  Thanks.

- chapin
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