From: "Brian Garrigan" <[log in to unmask]>
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Subject: Re: current research
Date: Sun, Oct 24, 1999, 2:48 PM

I wondered if you had access to the most definitive studies on math
instruction and math learning currently available.  We are in the process
of choosing standards based curricula for [the] middle school. [At the same
time our high school teachers are wrestling with deciding how much change
is necessary to respond to the standards and the New Standards Math
Reference exam scores]

Specifically, I'm interested in what the research shows about the efficacy
of standards based instruction.  I'm also interested in research that shows
that problem solving can be taught.

Finally, I'm interested in counterpoint research to that, in other words,
those who say that reasoning and problem solving are inherent aptitudes
that are fundamentally difficult to teach. I think it's prudent to not
ignore this perspective.  It's a natural part of the debate. Any leads or
reprinted studies and commentaries by the "experts" you might provide us
would be greatly appreciated.


 Brian Garrigan
Oxbow High School in Bradford