Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 19:59:36 -0500
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Subject: Re: Alg. 1 & 8th grade correction & thanks

Thank you to everyone who replied to my previous posting concerning Alg.
1 & 8th grade. After our math dept. meeting today, it was decided to add a
second section of 8th grade Alg. if the student numbers warrant this.

Please note there is a typing error in my previous posting:
>"Currently, we have one large section of Alg. 1 for the top math students.
>This year the class has 28 STUDENTS (not  18 students). Presently, we are
>in the process of revising "the entrance" requirements for this class and
>are wondering how other middle schools select these students."

   The students in this section are definitely motivated and teachable.
However, I still find myself frustrated with the lack of time for the
personal attention that some students need. My classes are usually 50
minutes long and meet every day.

   We are still in the process of revising our entrance criteria for the
Algebra program and still would appreciate any "tests" or other teacher
criteria used in placing students into this program. I am also interested
in the number of students in other 8th grade algebra classes. What do other
teachers consider the best class size for this type of class?   As stated
before Riverside has 28 students in Alg. 1 out of an estimated 150 eighth

   Currently, we use the 1997 ed. of Glencoe: Alg 1 Integration,
Applications & Connections. So far I have been pleased with this text. What
texts and/or supplemental material do other teachers recommend?

>Thank you again for any and all suggestions or comments.
>Joanne Kraft
>Riverside Middle School
>13 Fairground Rd.
>Springfield VT 05156     802-885-8490